Module 03

Production & postproduction

Overview of Production & postproduction curriculum

This module provides the students with the opportunity to experiment and explore their aesthetic and professional goals as they begin to shoot quickly and expressively right from the very first day. Students will collaborate on a series of short film projects that will explore everything from basic story structure, lighting techniques, screenplay analysis and director’spreparation. The students will examine the standard definition non-linear postproduction process using industry standard digital video editing workstations. Students learn timing and transitions to enhance the story telling process while working with using various forms of content. Each student will support the post sound and mixing process from a locked picture cut.

Module Structure and Curriculum 

1.INTRODUCTION TO FILM PRODUCTIONThe students will get to know the basis of film production, in terms of stages of production of the film in the making, the financing and the approach to get the project on its feet and make it happen.
2.PRODUCTION OF THE FILMStudents will get to know more in detail about the methods of production and financing, the source of financin and what the project needs to be realized. Also, they will grasp the stages of production and responsibilities of the producet in the film.
3.PRODUCTION OF THE DOCUMENTARY FILMThis workshop will provide students the opportunity to delve into the rapidly growing world of documentary film production. Workshop  topics include research, story building, financing, directing, preproduction, documentary styles and methodology of interviews for documentary productions. Students also delve into the philosophy of ethics and research as it pertains to the preproduction and production of non-fiction story telling.
4.Practicum I This workshop develops neded skills for production & postproduction of the movie project.
5.Practicum II  This workshop develops neded skills for production & postproduction of the movie project.
6.Practicum III This workshop develops neded skills for production & postproduction of the movie project.

Running Curriculum Elements  

  • analysing of feature and television drama script 
  • screening and analysis of films in group sessions with tutors analysing them from the point of view of a screenwriter 
  • team building and group cohesion improvement games and activities

Evaluation / Self-Evaluation 

Student progress is monitored and assessed by means of written self-evaluations supported by tutorial feedback and assessments.