Pučko otvoreno učilište Koprivnica (HR)

Pučko otvoreno učilište Koprivnica (HR) is a public and non-profit institution for education and culture. The focus is on adult education and lifelong learning with more than 60 different educational programs. Besides being one of the leading adult education institutions, it also runs the leading independent cinema in Croatia. Over the last ten years, it has been active and successful in implementation of EU projects.

Láthatár Közhasznú Egyesület (HU)

Láthatár Közhasznú Egyesület (HU) is a public benefit association pursuing social, cultural and community development activities, focusing on the promotion of the social inclusion of Roma people, educational support of Roma children, organization of cultural and community development events as well as employment programmes.

Cigány Szociális és Művelődési Módszertani Bázis (HU)

Since 1996, our association has played a major role in presenting and educating the Roma cultural values and traditions of Pécs and the Southern Transdanubia region. The FUND Gypsy Elementary School of Art, maintained by the CSZMMB, has music, dance and fine arts education. We have also been running a school for 3 years where we help disadvantaged children to catch up at school."

Obrtnička škola Koprivnica (HR)

Obrtnička škola Koprivnica (HR) is a vocational school in Koprivnica, northwestern Croatia. This is a secondary school where students are educated in fields of electrical engineering, computing, mechanical engineering, catering industry, food industry, woodworking and construction. The school is mainly a three-year vocational school (students proceed to labour market after finishing school) with only two four-year professions that can proceed to university (technician in electrical engineering and computing technician). Besides these, each year five to ten students with special needs enrol to become assistant cooks and confectioners / house and woodwork painters or florists.